Why In Market Data

What’s better than ranking on page 1 for all of your buyer keywords?
What’s better than FB targeting?

Say you have 5000 buyer keywords (not false positives) – and you get your site on page 1 for every single one of them…what could be better than that?

Depending on where you land on page 1, you are getting a % of everyone who clicks. But, what if you could get visibility to everyone that matters?

VISIBILITY With or WithOut a click!

What if you had visibility to the clicks on pages you don’t own?

With Prediction Marketing Path to Purchase In Market Insights, you get a list of everyone in your US market who is actively researching a purchase of what you sell. 

We utilize machine learning, AI, behavior tracking and predictive models to build a DETERMINISTIC list of people searching for what you sell.

We examine 17 billion daily online behaviors, zeroing in on those indicating high interest in your specific offerings.

Our In Market data is about precision and timing. It ensures that businesses don’t just reach out, but reach out effectively, hitting the mark with messages that resonate because they are relevant and timely. It transforms the vast digital landscape into a space of opportunity, where every search is a potential connection and every connection is a potential customer.

In the grand scheme of things, our InMarket Data is a tool that ensures businesses are not just part of the noise but are a voice that is heard, understood, and valued.

It’s about making every interaction count, ensuring that in the world of digital engagement, precision is not just possible but is also a tangible, achievable goal.