Prediction Marketing Media

There are very few truly national events that captivate an audience on a scale of the Superbowl.  In 2016, the game averaged almost 112 million viewers on TV.

For the longest time, events like these have been a way to align the biggest brands with culturally relevant moments, building awareness, association and capitalizing on a connection with the event. It’s the sheer size and scale that makes these once a year events so alluring to brands, and even if you are only able to steal a small piece of the pie, you’re still capturing and engaging a huge audience on the biggest stage.


The rise of technology, artificial intelligence, and accessibility to mass branding, ie., Authority Podcasters, Bloggers, Videographers, etc has virtually leveled the playing field for businesses looking to align themselves with the authority and reach of iconic brands.

Enter the pandemic affect and elite brand alignment has become even more relevant for businesses to thrive and mission critical if survival is at risk.

Democritized authority to anyone who can make an impact has resulted in consumers who have no preference towards receiving messages from ‘official’ or unofficial sponsors. We quickly understand the value of aligning our clients with both elite, official brands and influencer brands for traffic, authority and credibility transference.



We realized early on, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. 

The pandemic related stresses combined with the exponential expansion of WEB3 are required factors in all marketing for the foreseeable future. 

The WEB3 focus is an indication of our dedication to building alliances with elite and authoritative brands that are primed in a sector with opportunity not seen in other markets, to continue to provide our clients with world class ROIC.

By proactively aligning and collaborating with elite publisher partners and high authority sites, including those focusing on crypto related topics, Prediction Marketing Media can now foster deeper relationships that surface the most innovative and bespoke solutions for our clients. These will guarantee visibility in what is sure to a be a crowded marketing and advertising space now and a long time to come.

Ultimately, we find ourselves at a massively opportune crossroads once again as an agency. Just as we were on the forefront of programmatic, identity resolution and behavior tracking, we will continue to forge new opportunities to diversify our service model. We will always rise to the challenge by continuing to be the futurists and pioneers of our industry.

Prediction Marketing Media Division, has identified the exponential growth of WEB3, Crypto, blockchain, Interledger, sustainability and natural solutions as leading indicators of the greatest economic shift ever experienced.  It is not about hyperbole to say the opportunity exists for anyone interested in serving the greater good to thrive and help shape life as we know it.

We are playing our part by helping launch & grow the best minds, ideas & businesses of our time.