The promise of automated AI – market insight transparency is here.

Collective intelligence from over 1,000 first-party users, ensuring that every piece of data is scrutinized, validated, and refined for optimal precision.

  • Know when your existing clients are actively considering leaving you for a competitor.
  • Know who is on your website by name, email, behavior and intent to communicate with more efficiency.
  • Maximize every single sales & marketing activity with perfect timing & perfect communication.

Leverage every moment of your outbound marketing with Prediction’s ultimate first party data insights.

Know more. Communicate more efficiently. Deploy sales resources with precision and velocity.

We view profit n (yours & ours) not as the end goal but as a resource to fuel continuous improvement and innovation.

Every feature, every data point, and every piece of technology is enhanced, ensuring that SiteVisitor and InMarket remain not just competitive but a ‘grand slam’ service.  A self perpetuating cycle of profit, improvement & scale.  Our relationships with clients & data partners is a symbiotic, zero sum, market domination, business value creating entity.