Predictive Inclusion Technology

At Prediction Marketing… Accessibility is a trait of the website itself. The website is either usable on (all of) our clients’ hardware and software, or it isn’t!

It’s the Law, your website, landing pages and e-commerce stores must meet ADA (American Disability Act) standards or you risk Federal Fines up to $150,000.  Yes, this means you…regardless of the size of your business.

You may not be aware that there is technology that allows a certain (very large) segment of the population to access online sites.

Much like your site is setup to be accessible on a mobile device, apple computer or windows based pc, your web content needs to be accessible on the technology 1/5 of the population uses to make purchases, research and learn about products and services online.

Not only is it the law, it’s just what needs to be done so all consumers who want to use your site(s) can. That is what inclusion means. 

It is important you understand that lawsuits are growing exponentially as users are campaigning for equal access and you will not have a defense for either Federal or Civil lawsuits brought against you.

Which businesses must have compliant websites?



There is no defense...