REAL TIME notifications pushed to your CRM when...
»»» your prospects are actively pursuing a purchase for your products or service and
»»» your Clients are actively considering leaving you for your competitor!

The Evolution of Customized Marketing Insight!

  • Automated Sales Insight Triggers
  • Automated Retention Insight Triggers
  • Entire Marketplace Insight
  • Predictive
  • Deterministic
  • One to One Marketing Enabled

Optimize every aspect of your B2B Outbound Marketing!

Become Financially Indestructible…
No more wasted Ad Spend…
No more missed Opportunities…
Ultimate Leverage…
Reach Your ENTIRE Marketplace…



outbound lead gen

Get Massive Outbound Marketing & Competitive Advantage While Improving R.O.I.C.

We believe anything that can be delivered programmatically, should be.

roic method
We are currently accepting new  $30-$100MM  B2B clients for our  Data Insight Alert (DIA). Program  in 2019?

– We notify you in real time the moment someone in your existing database is back In Market for your offer*

-We notify you in real time the moment an existing client is considering leaving you for a competitor

(*we can build the market database for you or add leads to monitor to your existing database )

  • Instantly Empower your Outbound Marketing
  • Increase R.O.I.C.
Get Off the “Cash Sucking Outbound Marketing Hamster Wheel”, Stabilize Your Cashflow, Growth and Scale with Prediction Marketing custom R.O.I.C. Method.
Designed and implemented specifically for YOU.

The Business with the most strategically relevant data wins. Possessing the power of true personalized (data driven) marketing is akin to wielding the power NEO of The Matrix possessed.  Compared to Businesses using Facebook targeting, demographic,  geo targeting or even Google targeting, you look like an advanced species among neanderthals! If you know site visitor A is worth $100k vs site visitor B’s $200 LTV – you know where and how much to allocate to acquire each visitor – you win.  No more wasted ad spend.  If you know visitor A is the same person when he shows up on his work PC, his personal laptop, his tablet and cell – you win.  If you can take the same audience…pay for it once and use it across multiple channels – you win. If you know (the identity of) who is showing up on your website – you win. If you  know who is actively researching a purchase of what you sell – you win.   iF YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR EXISTING CLIENTS ARE ACTIVELY CONSIDERING LEAVING YOU FOR A COMPETITOR, YOU WIN! If we are implementing the Prediction R.O.I.C. Method on your behalf – you win. If you’re not and your competitor is…

How would it feel to finally have the answer to effortlessly generating hundreds to thousands of highly-qualified leads for your business who are actually in the market to buy what you sell?

What if you cracked the code to building intimate relationships with your audience at scale, so you always have many qualified buyers trying to get what you sell?

People who already want what you sell…

 …that when the “prospect” hops on your site, all you need to do is engage with them like a trusted advisor and help them buy exactly what they want?

What if you had a powerful system to duplicate these results on demand…

…allowing you to serve 1,000’s + of customers at a higher level, create powerful, transforming results, and quickly scale your business to and beyond your current revenue goal?


Prediction Marketing R.O.I.C Results

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Our Programs

The Prediction Marketing R.O.I.C Method is a high-impact marketing and “sale generating” machine that allows businesses to scale with unprecedented precision and speed….

Our goal is to make you financially indestructible!

Each client gets a personalized, customized marketing plan that utilizes a variety of Methods and Technologies. Our plan is always designed to get to your goals in the most efficient and effective manner.

Services and technologies may include any or all of the following:

Artificial Intelligence Marketing, Identity Resolution, Behavior Tracking, Channel Agnostic Marketing, Omni Social marketing, List Alert & Monetization, Asset Management and Authority & Branding Marketing.

*Contact us to see if your business qualifies for our B2B  (DIA) Data Insight Alert Program

Get the same Formula & Technology that produced results like those above, and when you’re the first one in your niche with this you have a competitive advantage. You have what Dr. Flint McLaughlin of MECLabs calls an “Only Factor”

Everything we do is designed to make you Financially Indestructible!
Find out how we can help you provide more market value while increasing ROIC.

Nothing remains the same. Some technologies are so revolutionary, they disrupt entire industries. The disruption has already begun. If you aren’t already employing the Prediction Marketing R.O.I.C. Technologies and Systems, you are already late…and you risk being a mass extinction casualty if you don’t shift now!